Industry Solutions

With more than 25 years experience, Professional Courier has served a wide variety of customers. While we consider ourselves industry generalists with the ability to provide services customized to any customer, there are certain areas where we have developed significant expertise.

Hospital Supply Companies
We have many years of experience helping hospital supply companies distribute their products to the various medical centers in Central Virginia. Professional Courier has developed a unique desktop delivery solution so your products are delivered to the actual end user efficiently and with a documented chain of custody.

Industrial Supply Companies
Professional Courier works with some of the nation's largest MRO, electrical and PVF supply firms to ensure their product gets delivered fast and their customer stays online or resume operations quickly. A variety of service options are available, including on-demand local and long-distance delivery, in-house fleet replacement or support, and next flight out nationwide delivery.

Law Firms
Despite the increased usage of technology to rapidly exchange documents, Professional Courier remains a valued partner for law firms operating in Central Virginia. In addition to our traditional delivery services, we can provide our legal customers with court filing, process service and mobile notary services.

Medical Practices
Professional Courier works with many of Central Virginia's medical practices to ensure prompt delivery of patient records and films. We are very aware of HIPAA and the responsibilities it puts on physicians and their vendors. We will handle your deliveries with discretion and in compliance with the regulation. Additionally, should you require specimen deliveries, many of our drivers carry coolers and are trained in the handling of these items.

Air Couriers, Freight Brokers & 3PL Firms
Since our founding, Professional Courier has strived to provide first class service to our customers in the transportation field. Not only can we act as your local delivery agent, but we also have significant experience working with 3PLs in service parts storage and distribution. Our office staff and drivers are thoroughly trained in the TSA security procedures and we maintain excellent relationships with the airline cargo offices to ensure minimum delays in tendering or receiving cargo.