February 2007 News Release

Professional Courier, Inc. is pleased to announce the implementation of a new hardware and software system that will greatly improve our ability to serve our customers. This new package has a number of features that will enhance the customer service experience and our drivers' efficiency and accuracy.

Online Customer Portal - With our newly improved website, customers will now have the ability to place and track the status of orders, all without picking up the phone. This section of our site will be available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Of course, if customers still prefer to call in orders, or if they have delivery needs outside of our website's hours, we are still here by phone 24 hours a day.

E-Mailed Status Notifications - Customers now have the option to have any of three order notifications e-mailed to them automatically. These include notification of order submittal, notification that the shipment has been picked up, and notification that the order has been completed, with delivery signature.

Driver Web Access - Utilizing a new driver web portal, our drivers will soon be able to log in from their two-way radios or cell phone to view new orders and to enter any progress updates, including pick up time and delivery time and signature. This will ensure greater accuracy over verbal updates.

GPS-Based Driver Tracking - Our dispatchers will soon be able to see all of our active drivers' locations on a digital map. This visualization will allow them to route deliveries more efficiently, leading to higher on-time delivery rates for our clients.

PCI looks forward to rolling out all of the features of this system over the next several months and continuing our goal to couple superior reliability with premium customer service.